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This is a simple free proxy service to assist in helping people access and unblock websites. It is common for governments, schools or offices to block things like Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. This this free web proxy service you can use these sites without being blocked. Also checkout our SSL proxy site for a more secure experience!

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Easy to use

Zulu Free proxy service is one of the easiest web proxies to use. We also offer super fast connections and unlimited transfer!

Mobile Friendly

Our Free proxy website is also great to use on your mobile devices! No need for a PC to use our free service!

Safe & Secure

Feel safe and secure when using our free proxy service, for a safer experience try our Free SSL Secure Web Proxy

Easy to use

With the new fresh layouts of our proxy sites they are now easier to use than ever. Now you simply visit the Zulu Free Proxy and unlock and website!

Best choice

We are a free proxy service dedicated to privacy and freedom of information for all people. We run many free proxy sites and hope that you find our services useful!

Fully Mobile Proxy

Our web proxy works on all devices and in all locations so you can feel confident about visitng locked or blocked websites from anywhere in the world!

Fast Proxy Network

Our free proxy is fast and unlimited. We spread our Proxy services on many servers to make all our free proxy websites fast and user friendly